July 5, 2018

Contract Rates

Flexible rates to suite your short-term or long-term strategic product and design needs.

Hourly contract rates
Short term projects or support, invoiced Monthly – $110 /Hour
Long term projects, Less than 100hrs per year – $90 /Hour
Long term projects, 100-200hrs per year – $75 /Hour
Long term projects, 200-500hrs per year – $65 /Hour

Decicated time retainer (for projects 3 months or more in duration)
120 hrs per month – $6600 /Month
60 hrs per month – $3600 /Month

Special prepaid rates for new businesses *
100 prepaid hours – $5500
50 prepaid hours – $3000

* Lower prepaid rates are based on the following conditions: 1. Prepaid rates are for small business (fewer than 10 employees), first-time clients, or for new and emerging businesses. 2. Payment in full is received prior to commencement of work, 3. Availability varies and is guaranteed to a maximum of 10 hours per month, 4. Prepaid time must be used within a 12-month period